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Jan. 22, 2022

Speaker: Pastor Walton Yuen

Sermon Message: "The Blessings of the Lord"


Jan. 15, 2022

Speaker: Pastor Ben Yuen

Worship Song: Same Power by Jeremy Camp

Sermon Message: “Becoming an Overcomer of ‘Waaaay Too Much STRESS!’ ”


Jan. 9, 2022

Good morning brothers and sisters!
For this week's sermon message, since we have been talking so about the Millennium in our Wed. night Bible Study, I would like for you to watch this sermon by Pastor David Jeremiah, in which he thoroughly covers just about everything you would want to know about it!  
Have a most Blessed day!
Pastor Ben
Sermon: "What on Earth is the Millennium?"
Jan. 1, 2022

Speaker: Pastor Ben Yuen

Worship Song: Waymaker by Michael Smith


Sermon: “How To WAIT On The Lord When Times Are TOUGH”

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